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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Doily re-do idea #1

Doily Re-Do..... Doily Bowls (makes a great mother's day gift....)

I know you are asking, what in the world is a doily bowl, and what would I do with it.

Here is an idea.

These are 2 small/ small medium sized, cotton thread doilies, that I took and shaped into bowls with the help of Mod Podge. 
For those of you of the non crafty type, Mod Podge is a great tool to use for various uses. Basically it's white school glue but better. I picked this little bottle up at Dollar Tree for $1 and with these size of doilies you don't need one of those giant bottles to do them. It only takes a small amount to do the job.
To make these bowls, I first started by putting Mod Podge on the inside, making sure that it was the 'good' side, since you would be seeing this side and not the bottom.
I got the inside good and wet by brushing Mod Podge onto it and then, continued up the sides, until all areas were wet with Mod Podge.
I shaped them over top of a wax paper covered red Solo cup and painted the back/ underside of them with more Mod Podge. I let them dry for at least an hour, then pulled them off the wax paper and put one more coat of Mod Podge on them. I let them dry over night, sitting up on wax paper, so they didn't stick to anything. Since they had an hour to dry, they were already starting to hold their shapes. If you are not confident they will hold their shape when you try it, then leave it to dry, with 2nd coat on for another hour and then pull off the wax paper covered cup and let dry on another sheet of wax paper. Don't leave them to completely dry on the wax paper covered cup; they may not release from the wax paper. I've had some thread snowflakes stick to the paper when I left them to dry over night.
Just saving you from dealing with a mess like I did.

Let me know if you try this and share pictures with me. I love seeing people's projects.

until next time... keep looking for inspiration around you


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

What do I do with these?.....

So you were given granny's old handmade doilies... now what do you do with them?
There are many ways that you can use them not in the 'traditional' sense.
Doilies are back and being used in ways that our grandparents and great grandparents didn't really think about using them and in some cases, depending on the doily, traditional is the way to go.

In future posts, I will show you examples of the different ways and steps to accomplish them.

Here is a list of different ways that you can re-purpose doilies:
  1. If you crochet or know someone who does, you can attach them together in a neat configuration and use them as a table runner
  2. Mod Podge them and shape them into a decorative bowl for jewelry, change or even potpourri. Small doily bowls would look great on a vanity or dresser.
  3. Mod Podge onto a canvas and hang on the wall as art.
  4. If there is a large number of them, relatively the same shape and size, attach them together and use as a table cloth or heirloom blanket that can be passed down to younger generations.
  5. Another use, attach together and use them as a curtain or valance for a powder room or little girls room.
Don't forget you can still use them traditionally on furniture.
  1. Small doilies can be used as coasters
  2. Lay several small or a medium to large doily on a serving tray to add a nice accent to entertaining
What other uses can you think of to re-purpose doilies, let me know below.

I love finding vintage doily patterns. Most of my doilies that I make are from vintage pattern books and magazines that I have found at yard sales and thrift stores.

Come and take a look at what I have made and think of how you can use them in new and different ways, doilies always make a good gift. My doilies can be found on my Etsy shop

Until next time

Keep looking for inspiration all around  you.

Monday, February 17, 2020

How it all began

I’ve been crocheting for over 10 years. I first learned to crochet when I was 8 years old and didn’t pick the hooks back up until I was in my late 20’s. I make all kinds of crochet items made out of acrylic or cotton yarn. I have always admired seeing all these beautiful crocheted items but could never wear them because they were normally made out of wool. I decided that I would just learn how to make all the great things I saw and make them out of something I can wear. Between that desire to fill a personal need and a gift of an antique painted fox paperweight, which is my logo, handed down from my husband’s family, Painted Fox Gifts was born. Take a look around, I post projects that I am working on and projects I have finished.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Stepping out of my comfort zone...

Wine Country Wrap
Expression Fiber Arts

I learned to knit when I was younger, but it was one of those things where I never went beyond simple garter or stockinette stitches. I never really delved into more complicated stitches beyond the basics.
Come 2020, I decided my phrase of the year was “Challenge Yourself” and this is my first ‘challenge me’ project.
I first was interested in this pattern when Chandi at Expression Fiber Arts featured it in a youtube video last fall. She did a couple parts of the pattern but not the full pattern. I tried to work on it with just the written pattern, but what I was coming out with was not how it should look. I posted a comment to the video asking about a full tutorial and Chandi answered that one may be coming in the future. So, I put it aside on continued on with my crocheting.
I was hoping for a stitch by stitch video for this pattern and I was so happy to see the notification pop up on my feed that, yay Chandi posted a new video and SUPER YAY, it was the Wine Country Wrap .

So Saturday night, I skipped watching a Detroit Red Wings hockey game and I sat down with my needles, watched and re-watched the tutorial. Once I felt that I got the hang of it really well, I went with it.
I loved that Chandi only did a small section to demo the stitch pattern. I went with her amount of cast on stitches and a ball of yarn I had sitting just waiting for a project. I grabbed up a Red Heart Super Saver yarn in a deep burgundy red and size 6 mm needles. The pattern calls for smaller 5 mm needles, but I know from past experiences that I am a tight knitter. Kind of an odd thing since I when I crochet, I tend to have loose stitches so, I wouldn’t expect that I would be a tight knitter.
I am excited to finish this project and turn it into a scarf.
This pattern will be fun to experiment with other yarns that I have just waiting for a project.

Check out the links to the pattern and video if you want to try this pattern too.
None of the links here are affiliate links. I don’t get anything from them if you visit her site. I’m just sharing something with the world.

Thanks for coming along on my journey. I will update on my progress 

Friday, February 7, 2020

Here we go...

Today was a major milestone for me and my crochet world.
I just launched my Etsy site Painted Fox Gifts.
This is so exciting and terrifying at the same time.
I've had it sitting as my 'I'll get to it eventually' to do list item.
Today just seemed like the day to do it, maybe it was the rare sunshine we had today here in Michigan, maybe it was just the right time. We'll see. I only have 1 listing up, but I have spent the afternoon editing product pictures and I will be ready to add them soon.
At the same time I will have the "just looking" pages put together here for those that want to browse.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Coming Soon....

Soon, I will have a page for each of the items that I currently have in stock. That way for those of you that don't have access to Facebook, where my Painted Fox Gifts page is, you can still see what I have to offer. In the coming weeks I will have my Etsy shop up and running so if you are not in the local Wyandotte, MI area, you will still be able to purchase quality, crochet items from me.

Stay tuned!