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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Doily re-do idea #1

Doily Re-Do..... Doily Bowls (makes a great mother's day gift....)

I know you are asking, what in the world is a doily bowl, and what would I do with it.

Here is an idea.

These are 2 small/ small medium sized, cotton thread doilies, that I took and shaped into bowls with the help of Mod Podge. 
For those of you of the non crafty type, Mod Podge is a great tool to use for various uses. Basically it's white school glue but better. I picked this little bottle up at Dollar Tree for $1 and with these size of doilies you don't need one of those giant bottles to do them. It only takes a small amount to do the job.
To make these bowls, I first started by putting Mod Podge on the inside, making sure that it was the 'good' side, since you would be seeing this side and not the bottom.
I got the inside good and wet by brushing Mod Podge onto it and then, continued up the sides, until all areas were wet with Mod Podge.
I shaped them over top of a wax paper covered red Solo cup and painted the back/ underside of them with more Mod Podge. I let them dry for at least an hour, then pulled them off the wax paper and put one more coat of Mod Podge on them. I let them dry over night, sitting up on wax paper, so they didn't stick to anything. Since they had an hour to dry, they were already starting to hold their shapes. If you are not confident they will hold their shape when you try it, then leave it to dry, with 2nd coat on for another hour and then pull off the wax paper covered cup and let dry on another sheet of wax paper. Don't leave them to completely dry on the wax paper covered cup; they may not release from the wax paper. I've had some thread snowflakes stick to the paper when I left them to dry over night.
Just saving you from dealing with a mess like I did.

Let me know if you try this and share pictures with me. I love seeing people's projects.

until next time... keep looking for inspiration around you


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