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Monday, February 10, 2020

Stepping out of my comfort zone...

Wine Country Wrap
Expression Fiber Arts

I learned to knit when I was younger, but it was one of those things where I never went beyond simple garter or stockinette stitches. I never really delved into more complicated stitches beyond the basics.
Come 2020, I decided my phrase of the year was “Challenge Yourself” and this is my first ‘challenge me’ project.
I first was interested in this pattern when Chandi at Expression Fiber Arts featured it in a youtube video last fall. She did a couple parts of the pattern but not the full pattern. I tried to work on it with just the written pattern, but what I was coming out with was not how it should look. I posted a comment to the video asking about a full tutorial and Chandi answered that one may be coming in the future. So, I put it aside on continued on with my crocheting.
I was hoping for a stitch by stitch video for this pattern and I was so happy to see the notification pop up on my feed that, yay Chandi posted a new video and SUPER YAY, it was the Wine Country Wrap .

So Saturday night, I skipped watching a Detroit Red Wings hockey game and I sat down with my needles, watched and re-watched the tutorial. Once I felt that I got the hang of it really well, I went with it.
I loved that Chandi only did a small section to demo the stitch pattern. I went with her amount of cast on stitches and a ball of yarn I had sitting just waiting for a project. I grabbed up a Red Heart Super Saver yarn in a deep burgundy red and size 6 mm needles. The pattern calls for smaller 5 mm needles, but I know from past experiences that I am a tight knitter. Kind of an odd thing since I when I crochet, I tend to have loose stitches so, I wouldn’t expect that I would be a tight knitter.
I am excited to finish this project and turn it into a scarf.
This pattern will be fun to experiment with other yarns that I have just waiting for a project.

Check out the links to the pattern and video if you want to try this pattern too.
None of the links here are affiliate links. I don’t get anything from them if you visit her site. I’m just sharing something with the world.

Thanks for coming along on my journey. I will update on my progress 

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