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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hot off the needles...

I have made my first knitted hat.
So proud of myself and how far I have come on my 'challenge myself' phrase this year.
 I was inspired to branch out and make knitted hats after a weekend craft in for The Cathedral Church of St Paul in Detroit. It was hosted by my husband's church, St Michael and All Angels Episcopal church in Lincoln Park, a couple weekends ago. Luckily it was before the C-19 virus really hit us here in Michigan and with the age group of everyone, we would be concerned about gathering.
I am so happy to have met such a passionate and diverse group of women who enjoy doing fiber arts and making things for those in need. We had both knitters and crocheters. I really enjoyed spending time with these wonderful women. I was planning to just make my usual everyday beanies since I make those regularly and can do that pattern practically in my sleep, but I was called to do something different. I wanted to have others benefit from my personal challenge and stepping outside of my crochet comfort zone, as I call it, this hat was born.
I scoured my usual internet sites for patterns of a flat knit and seamed hat. You have no idea how hard it is to find a simple hat to knit flat on straight needles and seam up. Every pattern I found was made to be knit on circular needles and in the round. For those that don't knit, knitting in the round means you cast on your needed stitches and then connect them at the ends and knit around and around. Now, I can handle crocheting in the round but, I'm not quite ready for that much 'advanced engineering' as we crocheters tend to call knitting.
I was successful doubly in that I found 2 hat patterns from and I was able to find a youtube tutorial on their channel, score! I was a little nervous when I was reading the pattern and seeing stitches other than the usual knit and purl. I pushed through and after watching the tutorial several times I was able to get the decrease stitches down. Finally after 2 days working on this, I finished it. I'm quite proud of myself and look forward to making my next ones. It's gratifying to know that these hats will go to people in need this winter, and the extra effort I am putting into the making of them, knowing that the receivers will appreciate a warm and well constructed hat.

Until next time.... keep looking for inspiration all around you

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