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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday
What's on my hook Wednesday

Hi everyone - on my hook this week...

First up, I hve a new hat design I'm toying with. This hat will fit an adult woman, but could be made larger for a man.
This is perfectt timing to be working on this hat since it has lots of "camel" stitches in it and today is "hump day".

2nd  thing on my hook is an example of what can happen when working with a stitch pattern you've never done before and making it up on your own. Since I had never worked with the 'call the mid-wife' blanket stitch before, I had no idea how much yarn it would take.

I started this previously with the skein of white super fine yarn and made up the size of the blanket on my own based on how wide I wanted it andd how many squares across I wanted. 
Well I'm runiing out of yarn before the blanket is long enough, so I'll have to figure out another pattern to make with it. 
We learn from our mistakes or as Bob Ross always said "happy little accidents". 
I really enjoyed this stitch pattern and can't wait to make a blanket with it once I have the right amout of yarn for it.

Last up is my ongoing Crochet Crowd / Yarnspirations crochet along the Better Together Afghan.

I just finised week 3 of it, so there is only 2 more weeks left and it will be done. 

Other things on tap this week is sparkle yarn items and a squishy bernat blanket yarn blanket.

Stay tuned - until next time 
Take care and remember that inspiration is everywhere

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Friday, July 24, 2020

Finished Friday

Finished Friday!
Here are what I've gotten done this week.

Hats and a headband for The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit Michigan cathedral crafters. 

My very first baby sweater. I think it turned out well. This one is a newborn to 3 month size. I can made it larger sizes too. The sleeves can be rolled up and down for babies with shorter arms.
Really proud of it and excited to add more items like it to my product line. 
Really want to be one stop shopping for crochet gifts whether they are for yourself or others.

Until next time, take care and remember that inspiration is everywhere. 


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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Not throwback Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone. 
I know usually everyone does a 'throwback Thursday' but I want to do something different.  
I want to start a 'giving back Thursday '.
With the covid issues, I've not been able to be with the charities that I like working with Bag Ladies With A Cause making mats for the homeless and the cathedral crafters from The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit Michigan making hats and scarves for those in need.
So I plan to take Thursdays and not make items for my Etsy shop, but make items for these 2 charities.  Today I'm making beanies.

Until next time, take care and remember that inspiration is everywhere. 


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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

WIP Wednesday

Happy WIP Wednesday!

For this weeks Work In Progress, on my hook is a sparkle yarn hat and scarf. First time working with this yarn and I really like it.

I started with a love notes stitch scarf and made one of my everyday beanies to go with it.
Now the big decision, do I make a flower for the hat with a button center.....

Until next time, take care and remember that inspiration is everywhere.


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Monday, July 20, 2020

Motivated Monday

Hi everyone, here we are again a new Motivated Monday!

Starting off this week on a productive note.
Here is the 2nd week of The Crochet Crowd / Yarnspirations Better Together Afghan Summer Crochet Along.

If you saw last weeks post, you can see how much the blanket has grown.
I love doing crochet alongs with Mikey at The Crochet Crowd. I always learn something new. This week the new stitch was the Catherine Wheel. Oh my are my hands tired, but it really is a beautiful stitch.
This stitch I would not have touched with a 10ft pole normally, but I am sticking to my 2020 mantra of 'challenging myself' and I muscled through.
This stitch takes 2 rows to make the full wheel. When I first saw it on the picture this week and then realized what they were, I was a bit intimidated at first. I've read horror stories of doing this stitch and the wheels not coming out right. So I was a bit apprenhensive about this part. Well, after watching Mikey's great tutorial, understanding the counts and all the pieces of the stitch, I dove right in head first. I'm glad I didnit shy away from this like I wanted to at first. These stitches really aren't that hard to do.
As with most things that are challenging, it all comes down to having a good teacher.
Stay tunes for the next part.

Until next time, stay safe and remember the inspiration is everywhere.


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Friday, July 17, 2020

Happy Finished Friday

Happy Friday!  It's finished Friday...
A look at what I got finished this week.
First done is the doily re-do.
For those that may feel that the lacy, dainty doily that grandma or great grandma had on her end tables aren't your thing. I made this vintage pattern out of worsted weight cotton yarn instead of the normal thin crochet thread. Using the thicker yarn makes this a more substantial piece. This would work great as a centerpiece on your table.
This one is 18 inches in diameter, so it is not too big to take over your table completely but still a good size to dress up the center of your table.
The cream color is not as shocking as the pure white would be, so it goes well with light wood tables and a pure white one would really stand out on darker woods.

The second piece I have done is my latest thread bookmark.

I went a little old school on this one. It's  a cute little bookmark and would make a great first communion or confirmation gift to go with a gift bible.
The bookmark is made from 100% crochet cotton thread and on the bottom tail end it has a silver cross charm.
It measures 8 1/2 inches long from the top of the bookmark to the bottom of the charm and 1 1/2 inches wide.
The bookmark will be available for purchase on my Etsy shop on Monday 7/20/2020
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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Work in Progress Wednesday

Happy Work in Progress Wednesday!
Today I'll show you a couple of things I'm working on this week.
First up in white fine sport weight yarn is a 'call the midwife' baby blanket.

This was a case where I had a skein of yarn and I was looking for a pattern that called for not only the type of yarn it was but also the amount I had.
I was so lucky to come across a great video from the wonderful Fiber Spider on you tube. I was so happy to find this one because I was getting annoyed with this skein of yarn looking at me and telling me to make something with it. I was looking for something for it, but was not having any luck.

The next item in the works is a knitted shawl/wrap for me. This one is called the  "Wine Country Wrap" from the wonderful Chandi at Expression Fiber Arts.

This project is my 'hands need a break from crochet' project. I have arthritis in my hands and sometimes I need to take a break. Luckily, I can do that with knitting and still be creating something. I knit continenal style, which is kind of like crochet but knitting. Chandi has a great getting started playlist on her youtube channel if you want to check it out.
I am making the wrap out of Lion Brand Comfy Cotton. My goal was to have it done before our family trip to Colorado at the end of July. With the current covid issues and travel concerns, we cancelled our trip for this year. Part of me is like, 'great I have more time to finish it' where the other, non crafty side is saying 'boo no trip this year for son's birthday'.
So I just wanted to give an update on some of the things happening here at Painted Fox Gifts.
Until next time, take care and remember that inspiration is everywhere.

Links to things mentioned:
Fiber Spider Youtube:
Expression Fiber Arts Youtube:
Website for patterns and yarn:

Monday, July 13, 2020

Summer crochet along

Happy motivational Monday!
This week I have started a summer crochet along with Yarnspirations and The Crochet Crowd, the Better Together Crochet Afghan. This one is keeping me on my crochet toes, lots of new stitches for me. It will be a fun adventure. This is my 3rd cochet along I have done with The Crochet Crowd and they are always fun and enjoyable.
This is the start of my blanket. I could not get the exact colors I wanted, but I think these go together well.

If you want to join in the fun, headover to or and sign up. The pattern is emailed to you every week for the next 5 weeks and there are weekly video tutorials on youtube to help with the project.
Like my Facebook or Instagram page to follow my journey on this project.
Until nex time, take care and remember inspriation is everywhere.

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