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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday
What's on my hook Wednesday

Hi everyone - on my hook this week...

First up, I hve a new hat design I'm toying with. This hat will fit an adult woman, but could be made larger for a man.
This is perfectt timing to be working on this hat since it has lots of "camel" stitches in it and today is "hump day".

2nd  thing on my hook is an example of what can happen when working with a stitch pattern you've never done before and making it up on your own. Since I had never worked with the 'call the mid-wife' blanket stitch before, I had no idea how much yarn it would take.

I started this previously with the skein of white super fine yarn and made up the size of the blanket on my own based on how wide I wanted it andd how many squares across I wanted. 
Well I'm runiing out of yarn before the blanket is long enough, so I'll have to figure out another pattern to make with it. 
We learn from our mistakes or as Bob Ross always said "happy little accidents". 
I really enjoyed this stitch pattern and can't wait to make a blanket with it once I have the right amout of yarn for it.

Last up is my ongoing Crochet Crowd / Yarnspirations crochet along the Better Together Afghan.

I just finised week 3 of it, so there is only 2 more weeks left and it will be done. 

Other things on tap this week is sparkle yarn items and a squishy bernat blanket yarn blanket.

Stay tuned - until next time 
Take care and remember that inspiration is everywhere

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